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Ducts are an essential part of your Moncks Corner, South Carolina, HVAC system. Keeping ducts clean and leak-free is just as important as maintaining your furnace, heat pump and air conditioner. It’s easy to forget about ductwork because it’s hidden behind walls and in attics or basements. Still, it needs attention from time to time. Here are three reasons why duct cleaning is a wise investment in indoor comfort:

1. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Many Moncks Corner homes are tightly sealed to conserve energy. That helps homeowners to save money. However, it also traps airborne contaminants in your living space. Ducts can harbor pollutants like dander, insect droppings, dust, pet hair, mites, microbes and other irritants. These allergens are then circulated throughout your home up to seven times every day.

2. Saves on Energy Costs

Over time, pollutants that collect in ducts can obstruct airflow and make your HVAC sluggish. When ducts are cleared of dirty buildup, they can more efficiently distribute treated air throughout your home. The benefit for you is greater indoor comfort at a lower monthly price.

3. Gives You a Cleaner Living Space

Dust loves to collect in ducts. New homes may harbor large quantities of ductwork dust that blows into your living space whenever your HVAC cycles on. When ducts are dusty, you might find that no matter how often you clean, your home always seems dirty. That’s because the problem is in your ducts rather than in your home.

Coastal Air Solutions is your Moncks Corner source for expert duct cleaning and duct leak sealing. We also design and install ductwork that supports upgraded indoor comfort systems or for new residential construction. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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