Your HVAC air filter might seem like a minor component, but it plays a significant role in the system’s overall performance. Filters not only help keep the air you breathe cleaner but protect the equipment from damage too. It’s a smart idea to replace your filter in your Moncks Corner, SC home whenever it looks dirty. Because filters affect airflow, it’s also important to purchase the right size and type. Here are three signs that indicate you bought the wrong air filter.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

When you shop for a filter replacement, look for the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). Models with low MERV ratings allow pollutants like dust mites, animal dander and viruses to infiltrate your home. Upgrading the filter can help improve indoor air quality. To avoid future problems, take care to match the filter to the system. Your trusted HVAC professional can help you select the high-efficiency filter that works best for you.

Rising Energy Bills

It’s easy to dismiss higher energy bills in South Carolina as just a sign of the times. The wrong air filter, however, can lower HVAC efficiency and raise your heating and cooling costs. If the filter is too dense, your heater or air conditioner may have to run longer to counter the increased air resistance. A too-small filter allows contaminants to accumulate on critical components, impairing performance. The right filter will improve your health and comfort without sending utility bills sky high.

Frequent HVAC Repairs

Filters that decrease airflow force components like the fan, the motor and electrical components to run on overtime. The added wear and tear can lead to malfunctions and breakdowns throughout the system. If your system can’t handle a high-efficiency filter, whole-home filtration systems offer an appealing alternative. Installed within your existing ductwork, they’re far more effective at cleaning the air than conventional filters.

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