Ductless Air Conditioning Installation & Repair in Moncks Corner, SC and the Tri-County Area

Coastal Air Solutions Ductless AC

There are many benefits to using ductless air conditioning. Ductless systems can be installed in almost any type of home and require only a small hole – no major construction. Coastal Air Solutions has installed ductless air conditioners in many different types of homes throughout Monks Corner, SC and the tri-county area. Our customers are always thrilled with the results.

Reasons Homeowners Install Ductless Mini-Splits

There are several situations in which ductless AC is the best choice for an air conditioning system. If you’ve recently added a guest house, a new room, a garage, a basement, or another type of room to your home, ductless is an easy way to provide air conditioning to that space. This way, you can cool this new addition without having to install a new AC system for your entire home.

During the summer, kitchens can get extremely hot, especially if they’re south-facing or if the oven and stove are used often. Installing a ductless mini-split allows the homeowner to manually control the temperature in the kitchen specifically. So if you’re having a dinner party and want to keep it cooler than the rest of the house, simply turn down the temperature just for the kitchen, rather than paying to cool all the rooms in your home. This can be applicable to your bedroom, baby’s nursery, the bathroom, or any other room with a mini-split AC.

3 Major Advantages of Ductless AC

Other than being extremely energy efficient, ductless air conditioning is:

  • Easy to install: There is no ductwork involved, and many homeowners are able to enjoy their new system by the end of the day of installation.
  • Controlled individually: This means you can keep your bedroom as cool as you want and keep the temperature higher in the game room or study, depending on your preferences.
  • The ideal AC system for older homes: Since there’s no major construction and they can be installed in any room with an exterior wall, ductless systems are perfect for older homes that can’t handle structural work.

Easy Ductless AC Installation and Repairs

Homeowners with older houses or room additions appreciate the flexibility ductless mini-splits have to offer, and most report lower energy bills and increased comfort after installation. If you’d like to learn more about ductless AC and how it can cool your Moncks Corner, SC home, call our team or visit our office. Our NATE-certified technicians are experts in everything ductless and would love to help you determine if it’s the best AC system for your home.

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