Summertime in Moncks Corner, SC, is hot and humid. The average high temperatures exceed 90 degrees from June through August, and you rely on your air conditioner for relief. If you’ve noticed higher energy bills or a decrease in your overall comfort, an inefficient air conditioner could be to blame. Consider these top three signs that your air conditioner is inefficient.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

An increase of dust in your home is a sign of an inefficient air conditioner. The dust may be due to a dirty air filter. According to the Department of Energy, dirty air filters lower air conditioner efficiency by 15% or more. Your home’s air could also be too humid. A clogged condensate drain or refrigerant leak could cause this. Our AC contractors check for these problems during maintenance visits, and we can show you how to replace the AC filter between tune-ups.

Hot Spots

If one or more areas of your home are too hot, and the other rooms feel comfortable, your old air conditioning system could be to blame. As air conditioners age, they lose efficiency at cooling. Your home could also have dirty air ducts or vents impeding the flow of cool air. A refrigerant leak is another cause, and this requires professional attention. If your older air conditioner can’t sufficiently cool your home, consider an AC replacement.

Constant or Frequent Cycling

Air conditioners will cycle more frequently on hot days. However, constant cycling suggests a problem with your cooling system. It may have dirty coils or fins impeding the exchange of heat with the outdoors. Frequent cycling is also a cause for concern. This type of short cycling could be due to a faulty capacitor, thermostat issue or electrical problem. Older air conditioners are more prone to short cycling.

To learn more about the signs of an inefficient air conditioning system, check out Coastal Air Solutions’ air conditioning services, or contact us for additional details.

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