Tree pollen is already abundant in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. If your eyes are itchy, nose is runny, and throat is irritated, you are not alone. Many people suffer from springtime allergies to tree and grass pollen. Here are three tips for defeating those spring allergy symptoms so that you can feel well and make the most of each day.

Take Precautions When Going Outside

Check the pollen forecast before going outside. Pollen counts are usually lower on rainy days and the day after a heavy rain. Consider taking your allergy medication before your symptoms start, suggests ShareCare. Some medications require a few days to build up in your body in order to effectively prevent your symptoms. After you return from being outside, change your clothes and take a shower. This gets the pollen off your body and prevents it from depositing on your furnishings or flooring.

Close Windows

Although the fresh spring air feels nice after the cool, dreary winter weather, it is better for your allergies if you keep the windows closed, explains Intermountain Healthcare. On a dry, breezy day, pollen can travel for miles. Even if you can’t see a tree from your home, tree pollen will make its way into your home through open windows.

Make Use of Your Air Conditioning System

One of the easiest ways to defeat your allergy symptoms is to use your central air conditioning system. All of the cooled air passes through the system’s air filter, which removes pollen, dust, pet dander, and more. Be sure to change the filter every 30 to 60 days. A technician can do this for you during a tune-up. You can even set the air conditioning system to fan-only if the temperature in your home is comfortable. This provides circulation and filtering of the air.

For more information about how to defeat spring allergies, take a look at Coastal Air Solutions’ indoor air quality services or call today.

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