Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) from pet dander, dust, dirt, biological growth, pollen, or other pollutants can lead to health problems. You or your family members could experience sore throats, eye irritation, asthma or allergy symptoms, or other issues. Here are some easy ways to improve your indoor air quality and keep your Goose Creek, South Carolina, home comfortable year round.

Avoid VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) evaporate or off-gas at room temperature, so they can easily end up in your home’s air. They include benzene, acetone, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. VOCs are common in commercial air fresheners, glues, paints, and cleaners. When possible, you should use natural substances instead. Water with baking soda makes a great cleaner, and you can simmer cloves or cinnamon sticks to give your home a welcoming scent. If you need to use products with VOCs, store them in your garage or a shed in your yard.

Clean Often

Dusting and vacuuming often will help your HVAC system remove pollutants from your home. It also helps keep them from accumulating in your ductwork or your system’s air filter. Use a damp cloth to clean your air registers, and make sure none of them are blocked by furniture or carpeting.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Have your HVAC system checked by an expert at least once per year. That way, you can get leaks in your home’s insulation or ductwork repaired before they reduce your IAQ. For the best indoor air quality, you should also change your system’s air filter once per month, have your ductwork cleaned every few years, and keep vegetation away from your outdoor unit for better airflow.

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