If you are like most Americans, your energy bills skyrocket during the hottest months of the year. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your cooling cost minimal. Here are several tips on reducing summer energy bills in your Moncks Corner, SC, home.

Unplug Unused Electronics

Even when turned off, most appliances and electronics continue to consume power. This results in power wastage, especially when the electronics are not in use. Most people have no idea how many of these energy vampires are draining power 24 hours a day when you think they’re turned off.

According to experts, anything that has lights, clocks, or fans that stay on after powering the electronic device off adds to your energy bills. Unplug all devices, including chargers that are not charging anything.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Buying a smart thermostat is not enough. It is only after you know how to use it properly that you can enjoy all the benefits provided by a programmable thermostat. You can save as much as 10% on your cooling bills during summer by using a programmable thermostat.

Consult an HVAC expert to maximize on your thermostat capabilities. Programmable thermostats minimize cooling when you are not around or asleep. This is vital in preventing unnecessary energy consumption by the HVAC system.

Maintain Your HVAC System

A malfunctioning HVAC system can cause a spike in your energy bills, especially in the summer, when the AC unit runs the most. Some of the most common maintenance issues include leaky ducts, clogged or dirty filters, and malfunctioning internal components.Schedule regular maintenance visits with an HVAC contractor that has certified service technicians.

Contact Coastal Air Solutions because we are committed to making your home more energy-efficient through quality HVAC repairs and installation services. Call us today, and enjoy timely services from our certified technicians.

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