When an HVAC system isn’t optimized for summer weather, it will work harder as it regulates cool air throughout a home. When a unit is optimized for summer conditions, it produces cooler air consistently without consuming a lot of energy. If you want to get the most out of your HVAC unit in your Moncks Corner, SC, home, consider the following strategies this summer.

Install Better Insulation

If you reduce your air conditioner’s cooling cycles, its hardware won’t wear out quickly. In order to reduce the running times, you must trap and preserve all of the air that your AC system generates.

New insulation can help you keep cool air in your home for a longer length of time. If an insulation upgrade sounds appealing, start the project in the attic, and then replace the insulation in other areas in your home.

Upgrade the Thermostat

A smart thermostat can extend the life of your air conditioner in two ways. As you use your system, a smart thermostat will learn your habits, and it will use this data to optimize every cooling cycle. If the thermostat has a green feature, it will make adjustments to save energy as well.

The second benefit is that a smart thermostat has software for a mobile device. This feature will let you make changes to preserve your air conditioner while you’re away from home.

Change the Fan Mode

Many air conditioning systems have an “On” setting and an Auto setting. The Auto setting is the better option because it only turns on the fan when the air conditioning hardware is cooling a home. If you set the fan to the “On” setting, you’ll experience some benefits; however, relying on this mode isn’t recommended since it propels more debris on the filter.

Inspect the Condenser

Following every severe storm, inspect the condenser for damage. If there are any branches near the condenser, remove them. Also, check the vegetation around the condenser; if the grass is tall, trim it to boost air circulation around the condenser.

Coastal Air Solutions offers helpful services that can give your HVAC system an edge this summer. If your air conditioning unit needs a professional tune-up, contact us today.

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