When a ductless air conditioning unit in Summerville, SC, requires repair, you’ll notice key signs. Learn the signs in order to schedule repairs and keep your ductless AC equipment in good working order.

Problems with the AC Controls

If a mini-split air conditioning system doesn’t turn on or off, it may have an electrical problem. When the wiring isn’t the reason why a system doesn’t turn on or off, a technician might replace the reversing valve.

Spiking Electric Bills

Once a ductless AC system loses its efficiency, it will no longer consume energy effectively. This is why monthly energy costs rise following multiple cooling cycles. Typically, a ductless air conditioning system develops efficiency issues after it’s over 15 years old.

Reduced Cooling Output

A ductless air conditioning system produces mild air when it has low refrigerant. In most situations, a leaky refrigerant line causes a reduction. You won’t notice a reduction immediately because refrigerant leaks always occur slowly.

Odd Sound Emits From the Indoor Hardware

Every ductless air conditioner has bearings, often located underneath and on the back of the unit mounted to the wall. When the oil on these bearings fades away, they will begin to produce friction and grinding sound. Always schedule repairs when you hear grinding noises; they cause friction, which can overheat the air handler.

Frost Generates on the Cooling Coils

There are many reasons why ice crystals develop on evaporator coils. Ice can form on the coils if a system has:

  • A broken fan
  • A defective thermostat
  • A clogged filter

No matter what is causing the formation of ice crystals, you must always seek repairs in a timely manner. If you delay repairs, the ice will slowly weigh the evaporator coils down, and the pressure will warp the hardware.

Contact the technicians at Coastal Air Solutions to service your ductless air conditioning system when it requires repairs. If your air conditioner has a technical or performance problem, we’ll inspect it and provide solutions.

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