Installing a heat pump in your Summerville, SC, home can help you combat cold winter temperatures. In addition to reduced energy costs, today’s heat pumps also provide exceptional comfort and can easily replace a traditional furnace. Here’s how heat pumps regulate the temperature inside of your home.

What is a Heat Pump?

Technically speaking, a heat pump doesn’t actually create the heat that it distributes. Instead, a heat pump takes in air from the outside and uses a chemical known as a refrigerant to extract heat from the incoming molecules. As the heat pump extracts more heat, it expels this heat into the nearby air to create a warmer environment.

How the Parts of a Heat Pump Work

Of all the moving parts inside of a heat pump, the refrigerant is the one that makes everything work. When the refrigerant extracts heat from incoming air, it creates a pressure gradient for the compressor to act upon. After the compressor pushes the refrigerant into the indoor component of your system, the refrigerant travels through several valves and filters before it emerges to heat your home.

The Benefits of Using a Heat Pump

Heat pumps have several advantages over gas-powered furnaces and solar heating systems, but it’s their decreased operating costs and long lifespans that usually get the most attention. It’s not unheard of for a heat pump to last 25 years or more, and modern models can slash your heating bills by over 50% when compared to baseboard heating. Heat pumps are also quieter than most gas furnaces.

As Summerville’s leading HVAC company, we can help you maintain your current heat pump or install a new system for you altogether. Contact Coastal Air Solutions today to book a heating repair appointment or receive more information on our other services.

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