Charleston, SC Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Charleston, South Carolina, has a pleasant coastal climate, but an efficient heating and cooling system is still necessary for year-round comfort. With our professional air conditioning services, you can depend on your heat pump to cut through the summer heat and humidity while keeping your home cozy during the cold, rainy winters.

Air Conditioning Services for Home Efficiency in Charleston, SC

South Carolina leads the nation in residential energy consumption. In Charleston and the tri-county area, heating and cooling account for more than 30 percent of household utility use on average. With our quality services and fair prices, you can control these expenses.


Lower your energy use and cost of ownership by investing in preventive maintenance. A comprehensive tune-up will keep your furnace or air conditioner in top form so that you enjoy dependable service every year.

Ductwork Repairs

Leaky air ducts add an extra 20 percent to your monthly heating and cooling bills. They also create temperature imbalances that shorten the equipment’s lifespan by making it work harder. We fix the problem to save you money.

Air Conditioning Repairs in Charleston, SC

Malfunctioning heating and cooling equipment cost more to run. To restore your comfort, our professionals diagnose and correct problems quickly and accurately. Heating and air conditioning repairs are available 24 hours a day.

Equipment Replacement

If your AC system is past its prime, our comfort advisors can select the ideal replacement from Trane’s extensive lineup. In addition to providing enhanced comfort and reliability, a new air conditioner can lower your cooling costs by 30 percent.

Indoor Air Quality and Home Automation

As a factory-authorized Trane dealer, we provide industry-leading heating and air conditioning systems, as well as innovative smart thermostats and indoor air quality products that give you more control over your comfort. If you’re updating your home in North Charleston or the historic district, ask our experts for recommendations.

We’re proud to live and work in Charleston. Our family has served local residents since 2005. We’re dedicated to keeping customers happy and comfortable. We guarantee it.

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